"Revolt represents the architects who define culture and influence society. We are building an empowering platform for artists and our culture." 


Way to go Diddy! The wave is coming in big for this new age media. We have all been waiting for something like this to emerge, but it was just a matter of the perfect timing. We are all sick of the same boring repetitive programs on TV, and let’s not even get started on the news…

This is a huge opportunity on behalf of Muvedo to branch out into this movement. This is the kind of thing we’ve been doing, and this is exactly where we want to go. It’s even more interesting to discover that an old friend from college actually is working with this new channel on Time Warner Cable, Revolt TV. Just knowing that makes us so proud of not only how talented our generation is, but how much we have inspired the world.

With this direction of program, we now can expose creations in a raw way. The power of the internet allows us to reach endless possibilities in what we can learn, discover, teach, inform, or simply just entertain. 

We are the writers of our own history, and if we are given a chance we’d be stupid not to take the opportunity. As long as we’re passionate, we will make our dreams come true. 

______Madam Tania Do